VR made easy

3D View Pro is an affordable and easy to use VR platform to show your clients the spaces you create for them, engaging and empowering them in the design process.

If you've ever wanted to show a client their building before it's off the drawing board, or get a feel for how people will use the space once it's built, 3D View Pro is for you.

VR for architects

3D View Pro is designed with architecture in mind. Its features allow you to bring multiple sources together such as architectural plans, 3D models and volumetric scans to build the final presentation. We automatically optimise your models to provide the best experience possible to your end users.

User testing for buildings

Validate your designs by having people try out the spaces, long before they're built. Engage in value engineering work like never before, by getting quantifiable data on how people understand and use a space. Test with any number of users to prove and verify your designs.

Clients can record voice notes for you to respond to as the design evolves. Each voice note is attached to a specific point in the space, removing confusion between you and your clients.


3D View Pro is built from the ground up to be platform agnostic, with collaboration in mind. Import your IFC files exported from your application of choice and our automated process will do the rest, making it ready for VR.

Import multiple 3D formats to bring additional elements into your VR experiences, such as real world 3D scans, custom materials and textures or custom furniture

Take anywhere

We target portable VR platforms meaning you don't need to dedicate space and resources to expensive VR equipment.

All content is delivered over the internet, so you can gather data and respond to client feedback remotely without further trips.

Get buy in

3D View Pro enables you to let your clients experience their spaces like never before. Clients feel empowered and informed and can collaborate in the design process.

At the end of the design life-cycle, record their buy in as a voice note so you can be confident everyone's on board


3D View Pro is entering an alpha stage and we are looking for forward looking practices to help us validate and test the product.

If you would like to be involved, or would like to be kept up to date, please fill in your email address.

We will not use your email for any other purpose than keeping you up to date with the development of 3D View Pro